In 1979, the first step in the retail sector in Bursa under the name of Zeki Demir (Auto Zeki) was taken.

Upon the demands received in 2005, Umut Demir created Dekar brand and the production sector was started to be produced in 150 m2 area.

since 2007,  Dekar has started to serve the aftermarket sector after the dealer agreements completed in various regions of Turkey.

In 2009,  production capacity was increased to 650 m2 closed production area.

in 2010 together with the research conducted in Turkey,  apart from Fiat-Renault group, It also made a transition to Peugeot and Volkswagen brands.

The production capacity was increased by 300% between the years 2011-2013 and addressed a wider range.

It started its first export in 2013.

Between 2013-2016, the export sales were spread over 3 continents.

Between the years of 2016-2017, the company realized new machine growth.